MH assembly

The chamber is made up of three pieces: The base, lifter and the cone.

Plastic pieces

The base is the main piece of the product in which the fluids are redirected to complete its purpose. It has a weight of 65 kilograms. Its reinforced geometry and structural veins ensure that it does not deform with the presence of high levels of ground water and extreme weights.

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The lifter allows the system to be lifted hence making the product more flexible.

Another important characteristic is that connections can be adapted over it.

The cone is the superior body that allows personal access for maintenance. Its sphere design resists strengths that is subjected to.

Height ranges

The pieces that form the product allow for a variety of heights, managing to cover from 155cms and up, ensuring the product to be installed in different phases.


Finite element analysis

To guarantee the optimal functionality and resistance of the product, virtual test are performed through a software finite element analysis. These tests and simulations bring the product to its highest levels of resistance under suitable conditions of the material, verifying that the security factor meets the requirements of the system. These tests are then validated in actual field tests.


In order to access the interior of the chamber the manhole has modular stair system that can be adapted to any selected height.


  • The 5 entry points facilitate entrance to the pipe of the chamber in different directions, allowing the use of as many entries necessary. 
  • A pipe of 8, 10 and 12 inches of diameter can be connected in both the exit and the entry which makes the design flexible and adaptable to new conditions.
  • The accessories used by chamber allow for the connection of the concrete pipe and PVC at the entrance, therefore facilitating the adaptation of pre-designed drainage systems.
  • Manufactured in linear polyethylene of medium density and resistant to impact and chemical attacks, ensuring the durability of the product over time and preventing corrosion and damage to the canes from abrasion and wear.
  • The pre-molded plastic does not required any curing time. It’s light weight and easy to handle by two people.

Manhole Instalacion